Setting Up a Portable Studio for Voice Over Recording

Recording voiceovers and editing audio for the training that I develop is a service that I provide for my customers.  When I first started, many…

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Writing Your eLearning Script

When it comes to recording narration for your elearning modules, there is no doubt you will need a script and a narrator to read your script. In most cases, I narrate my own scripts; there are however times when I can coerce someone else to do it such as, a co-worker, friend or if good luck gods are with me – a professional.

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Storyboarding for eLearning

Storyboading (aka Mindmapping) is a big part of any instructional designers tasks. There are many who struggle with this task as it does require a little creativity, imagination and resourcefulness. I always equate it to coming up with “Big Fish” tales, it’s a skill you develop with practice.

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Do You Know C.R.A.P.? – Proximity

Proxmity is what makes your design “look smart”. When two or more elements are close together there is an automatic assumption that one is related to the other. Your viewers will develop an understanding of your message based on how close various elements are to each other.

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