How to Create a Random Question Quiz in Captivate

Have you ever wanted  to create a quiz where learners are presented with a random selection of questions? Adobe Captivate makes this task a breeze. If you are using Adobe Captivate 8 or later, you can easily create questions pools and random question slides to achieve your goal.

I’ll walk you through the steps of creating your quiz in Captivate. Check out my video to get started.

In my next post, I’ll go over How to Create a GIFT file so you can import your question into the question pools.

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  1. Hi Myra,
    Many thanks for your video based on random question pool. It has cleared a few of my doubts. My question is, we are trying to create a survey based on Safety and have 8 sections with 10 questions each. What our requirement is we need to randomize these questions from each section and at the same time all the 80 questions need to be attended, no question shall be left without answering.


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