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Last month my bestie, Ann Rollins and I wrote a blog post for the GP Strategies Blog titled, “Hello Content! Content Curation 101 for L&D Professionals.” We had a lot to say about Curating Content, but we had to keep to a specific word limit.

We started our blog posts by brainstorming our ideas using my personal favorite tool Google Docs.  I had introduced Ann to the power of Google docs when we worked on a project some time ago.  I love that Google docs allows you to collaborate on a document simultaneously, giving you the ability to see when you collaborator makes changes in a live document.  This collaborative approach also saved us a ton of time in writing the post since there was no emailing back and forth.

We were both very happy with our final product.  Here’s an excerpt…

Hello Content! Content Curation 101 for L&D Professionals

February 24, 2016 by and
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iStock_booksXSmallWe live in the Google era, where a proliferation of content and data is available at our fingertips. We are a society of content creators, sharers, and curators. Everyday more and more people create content on-the-fly to help themselves and others to perform better, faster, and in the best way known to the authors.

As learning professionals, we are aware of the fact that it’s no longer a matter of how well we can write to create content; our ability to deliver is affected by many factors that add a lot of time to our cycles, even with an agile approach. We must be able to leverage the content created by others—enter Content Curation.

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  1. Hello Myra and Ann,

    This is excellent and timely! I am working with a client on a collaborative intranet site for training and ongoing “pervasive learning” that will be targeted at a broad audience of managers and leaders. Your advice will be very helpful as we assess the content that has already been “curated” by the client and our plan to follow Recipes 1-3 for additional content curation. In addition, I have found the following resources, while not L&D specific, quite useful in thinking about curation and planning a solution for this client:

    * “Curation Nation: Why the Future of Content is Context,” by Steven Rosenbaum
    * “Curate This: The Hands-On, How-To Guide To Content Curation,” by Steven Rosenbaum

    Please keep writing about curation strategies for L&D professionals!

    Thanks again,
    Chuck Stewart

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