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Happy New Year (2015)!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. It seems that there just aren’t enough days in the week or time in the day. Time just keeps slipping through my fingers.  But, with the New Year come New Year Resolutions!  This year, my resolution is to post a few times a month on my blog – sorry for neglecting the blog folks! I promise to do better.

Anyway, this morning I received an email from Adobe regarding my Captivate 8 subscriptions.  For those of you who don’t know, Adobe Captivate is NOT included in Adobe Creative Cloud. It is a separate purchase but, you  can opt to purchase an Adobe Captivate subscription and pay monthly instead of coming up with the $399 all in one shot for an upgrade or $999 for a new license (ouch! hurts my purse strings just to mention that amount).

I purchased my Adobe Captivate subscription at the monthly subscription price of $19.99. The email I received this morning announced that the subscription price is going up to $29.99 a month for new subscription purchases as of January 8th (click the link to read more).

Subscription price increase
Subscription price increase

However, for those of us who already have subscriptions the price will not increase on our existing subscriptions and we will be able to renew our existing yearly subscription for an additional 12 months at the original price of $19.99 (Thanks Adobe!)

Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions continue at the same price of $49.99. For those of you who have not jumped on the Adobe Creative Cloud bandwagon and own a copy of Adobe CS3 or later, you can get your 12 month subscription at half price – $29.99 per month. Not a bad deal.



As an Instructional Designer, I find these tools invaluable and I’m no longer dishing out $1,200 or more at a time to upgrade my software.


NOTE:  This is not a paid post. The opinions in this post are solely mine.  Your opinion may differ and that’s great – it take all types to make this world interesting. 

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