Do You Know C.R.A.P.? – Repetition

C.R.A.P. is just an acronym for 4 principles of design,





Yesterday, I discussed the concept of Contrast which can be used to create visual appeal in your design whatever your design is (PowerPoint, flyers, business cards, brochures, website, etc).  Today, going down the C.R.A.P. line (no pun intended), let’s talk about Repetition.

The rule of  Repetition basically states that you should identify one or more elements in your design and repeat is throughout your entire design.

Now this does not mean that you are going to take some corny clipart and just added to the corner of every design just for the fun of it.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use elements that have no relevancy to the actual message, but that’s a whole ‘nother post on its own.

Back to Repetition, this post is making use of the rule, I’ve taken the word Repetition as it appears in the list and used it several times in this post to create consistency.  It also is a conscious effort to unifies all the parts of the design.  I’ve also made use of the rule of  Contrast with the use of color and making it bold to create focal points. But how would this look in a design piece?  Let’s put it all together:

This could be my business card, but notice the font is Arial and its just blah!

By applying the rules of Contrast the card begins to improve, but it can be better,

I created Contrast by using different fonts (SchoolHouse Printed A  on title & SchoolHouse Cursive B in the body) but notice how your eyes tend to just flow off the page.  This may cause you to miss important information that I would want you to have – my Twitter ID.

Let’s improve this by implementing the rule of Repetition by using the same font that was used on the title at the bottom.  Your eyes are now taken straight down the page and you don’t miss the twitter id now which is the only contact information on the card.

Try it out and see if it make a difference in your design.  In my next post, I’ll discuss the concept of Alignment an we will improve this card even more.

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