Open Source

I’m a huge fan of Open Source Software, as the software that is released with a source code that protects the original author and prohibits restrictions on how the software can be used and who can use it.  It also allows for the source code to be edited and improvements made.  This is very unlike proprietary software that the majority of the population is use to using, such as Microsoft Office.

Being both a PC and a MAC user, I like to find open source software that is written for both platforms – doesn’t always happen but on the occassion it does I turn into a 5 year old that has just been given a lollipop.

Open Source Software can help you in developing your elearning modules when budgets are tight.  Let’s face it, nowadays lots of budgets are tight.  There are some great graphic editors that are open source, some of my favorites are Gimp and Inkscape.  For audio editing, I’m use garage band on my Mac but in PC world Audacity is my tool of choice.

You can find a full suite of Open Source Software which is free to download and use on your PC at

Check out some of the tools and post your feedback as a comment on this post. I’d love to hear back.

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