Graceful Ending

I facilitate a good number of live classes.  In the beginning of my career one of my biggest challenges was ending my presentations gracefully.  By this I mean, is my PowerPoint presentation would end and then flop back to my desktop view of PowerPoint, which I would drive me batty.  I hated having this happen because it’s distracting for my audience and for me.  They stop paying attention to me and check out my desktop instead.

Black Slide

Because this particulate aspect of my presentation would annoy the life out of me, I quickly figured out a way to fix it.  I began inserting a “black” slide at the end of my presentations. Talk about genius. The black slide marked the end of my presentation and I would stop clicking at this point.

Another solution is to end with a Thank You or Question slide.  I don’t particularly like the “Questions?” slide but do like the “Thank You” slide,  here you should also include your contact information as more than likely this slide will remain on the screen a bit longer than the rest of the slides.

Microsoft actually allows you to configure a black slide at the end of your presentation automatically by clicking on <Tools>, <Options> when the pop-up window appears click on the “View” tab and click the End with Black Slide option. Viola!

Look like a rock star.  If you work with a group of students, share this tip with them. I taught this tip to a 5th grade class where I’m room mom and they loved it.  Funny how simple things seem to please.

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